Dell Laptop Stuck In Airplane Mode on Windows 10 Following Driver Update

After updating the drivers for my Dell laptop, it was stuck in airplane mode permanently. The specific model I have is Latitude E6540. The standard solution you can find online is to hold Fn + Print Screen, or Fn + F2 to toggle airplane mode. However, that didn't do anything for me. Here's what I did, which did work:

xdm not executing Xstartup

I had a perplexing issue with XDM.
I followed these instructions to add a shutdown button to the login screen for XDM. This is for a laptop, so I'm not really concerned about unauthorized people clicking it and shutting down long-term processes.
The tricky part is that the process creating this button needs to be killed just after a user successfully authenticates. This can be done in the Xstartup script for XDM, as you can see from the manpage:

Deleting All Mezzanine Comments

My Mezzanine blog-site got hammered with a lot of spam. I'm using a multisite installation with lots of settings files, so my ./ shell doesn't work right, making it a bit harder to get lazy access to the database abstraction layer.

Building an Ada Toolchain for AVR (Arduino) on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64

This is an adventure! I kept all of my stupid failures in here in case someone else is also lazy and stupid. Behold, the Internet age!

Contact Lenses Are Awesome

As far as I know, I've had an astigmatism for my entire life. I only really noticed in the middle of elementary school. The first time I put on glasses, I felt cheated; people see like this normally?