The Elevator Pitch

I am a software consultant selling time first, software second. You have limited time and focus. Small, menial tasks are not worth your focus or your employee’s salary. As your business grows, it will be strained for resources. Invest that time and focus today to eliminate unnecessary work and see that investment compound as you grow without friction.

I have seen certified, experienced professionals manually entering financial transactions into Excel, off of pieces of paper. This is not okay. It’s a waste of time and easy to screw up.

I have seen business held back by the limitations of one ancient piece of unsupported software. This is not okay. Better options exist and that software is bound to fall apart when they need it most.

I have seen IoT-connected buildings absolutely brimming with data store and use none of it. This is not okay. If you invest a fortune in a modern system, take advantage of its benefits!

We could all benefit from an outside opinion on how to do things better. Contact me if you’d like to discuss your technology pain points and the possibilities of automation.