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Use apt-file to find the package you need to satisfy a dependancy

Every now and then I'll try out someone else's software to keep an eye out for better ways of doing usual things and to learn some interesting unusual things. If you do this like I do, you'll be building code by the seat of your pants. Codebases often don't build on the first try, and it takes a bit of Google-ing to find out why. Often you'll hit compiler errors regarding missing dependancies that weren't mentioned in the INSTALL file, so you're left on your own to find the package that provides it. `apt-file` makes this easy.

Synology DS416j - From Stock to pycurl

I got a Synology DS416j NAS and wanted to use it for some basic network infrastructure tasks on top of data storage. One of these network infrastructure tasks involves updating a DNS record with my service provider, which requires a python script that uses curl, and therefore pycurl. You can install python with the package manager, but it doesn't come with much. If you pip install pycurl, it'll complain about curl-config not existing. To fix that, you need to go down a rabbit hole into a messy world of missing dependancies; proceed at your own discretion. "undefined reference to ucnv*" in Gentoo Linux

I broke my Gentoo installation some time ago and could never progress through package upgrades due to libxml2 failing compilation with undefined reference errors.

Dell Laptop Stuck In Airplane Mode on Windows 10 Following Driver Update

After updating the drivers for my Dell laptop, it was stuck in airplane mode permanently. The specific model I have is Latitude E6540. The standard solution you can find online is to hold Fn + Print Screen, or Fn + F2 to toggle airplane mode. However, that didn't do anything for me. Here's what I did, which did work:

xdm not executing Xstartup

I had a perplexing issue with XDM. I followed these instructions to add a shutdown button to the login screen for XDM. This is for a laptop, so I'm not really concerned about unauthorized people clicking it and shutting down long-term processes. The tricky part is that the process creating this button needs to be killed just after a user successfully authenticates. This can be done in the Xstartup script for XDM, as you can see from the manpage: