Dell Laptop Stuck In Airplane Mode on Windows 10 Following Driver Update


After updating the drivers for my Dell laptop, it was stuck in airplane mode permanently. The specific model I have is Latitude E6540. The standard solution you can find online is to hold Fn + Print Screen, or Fn + F2 to toggle airplane mode. However, that didn't do anything for me. Here's what I did, which did work:

  1. Under Human Interface Devices, uninstall Dell's airplane mode switch driver
  2. Yes, you want it to delete the driver files
  3. Reboot
  4. Press F2 frantically to trigger the BIOS setup menu
  5. Under Wireless, disable everything under Wireless Switch
  6. Under the other Wireless menu, disable everything. Apply, re-enable everything.
  7. Exit BIOS menu.

This worked for me, maybe it'll work for you. Some of these steps may have been unnecessary.

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